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Website, Landing Page or Funnel which one is right for your business ? ​

If you are planning to scale and grow your business, but you don’t have any online presence before a Website is what you need.

Now More than ever, due to the pandemic business owners are forced to go online to survive the economic downturn but not only that having a website is a must in the digital era.

As a smart business owner creating your online presence start from owning a business website. Here at David Market Success Digital Agency, we will craft and build your digital property which represents your actual physical business location.

If you want to generate leads for your business, then landing pages are the right choice for the job.

A landing page makes it easier for your potential customers to take action without other destruction on the page.

It should only display your headline, main content, a lead capture form, and a clear call to action button.

That’s it. A well-designed landing page should help your customers to know more about your service or product in less than 20 seconds and convince your potential customers to fill out the form in the same instance.

Now you have your leads in your email list you want to convert those leads into a customer or sells. 

Well, a sales funnel is the right tool for the job. You can think of a funnel as a multi-layer landing page, but each action will take your potential customer to a different conversion sales page.

It can be an upsell or down-sell page, a subscription page, or an appointment page. Whatever the final conversion plan you set for your business, with a customized funnel you can achieve your business goal with high ROI.

Sales Funnel is a complete web tool with content design, forms, cart, checkout page, and everything you need to close the deal.