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Website, Landing Page or Funnel which one is right for your online business ? ​

Online Business Website

online business

If you are planning to scale and grow your business, but you don’t have any online presence before a Website is what you need.

Now More than ever, due to the pandemic business owners are forced to go online to survive the economic downturn. But, not only that having a website is a must in the digital era.

As a smart business owner creating your online presence start from owning a business website. Here at David Market Success Digital Agency, we will craft and build your digital property which represents your actual physical business location.

Collect potential customers on Landing Page

If you want to generate leads for your business, then landing pages are the right choice for the job.

A landing page makes it easier for your potential customers to take action without other destruction on the page.

It should only display your headline, main content, a lead capture form, and a clear call to action button.

That’s it. A well-designed landing page help your leads to learn about the product or service in less than 20 seconds. Also, convince your potential customers to fill out the form in the same instance.

Online Business Sales Funnel

Now you have your leads in your email list you want to convert those leads into a customer or sells. 

Well, a sales funnel is the right tool for the job. You can think of a funnel as a multi-layer landing page. But, each action will take your potential customer to a different conversion sales page.

It can be an upsell, down-sell , a subscription, or an appointment page. Whatever plan you set for your business, with a customized funnel you can achieve your business goal with high ROI.

Sales Funnel is a complete web tool with content design, forms, cart, checkout page, and everything you need to close the deal.

Endless Quality Resources at your disposal

If you don’t know where to start your online business, continue reading!

Please do not fall into a rookie trap like” make money online for free” things like that. 

In any business, you have two choices. Either trade your time for money or spend cash to make more money. 

Now that we clear that, If you need a real online business that works, try to connect with us. 

It has been said and done for who knows how much, but the information is available online. 

We just put the dots together! So that you don’t need to waste your valuable time.

Learning by testing is very costly. Some people want to do the hard way to learn how it works.

I respect that! After all, that’s how I learned all the digital no mad. 

However, not everybody has the time and freedom to do all this while working the 9 to 5, Right? 

That’s when my team becomes handy. We can be your digital workforce for a respected fee.  

We provide free 20-minute consultations for first-time customers. 

You don’t need to guess how it works. Please book your appointment and take advantage of our free consultation. 

Online Business Is Not For Everybody?

It is for everybody! Whether we accept it or not, It is our day-to-day driving force as a society.

Wanting to benefit from such a lucrative business model is the beginning of the journey!

However, if you don’t commit your time or money, this doesn’t work. There is no magic mushroom. But one thing is for sure you can use shortcuts to the game.

Now you have the information to decide to take the shortcut by spending your coffee money with Us. Although if this is not your style, you can use the free resource to experiment with your business.

Believe it or not, whenever you do things by yourself, you spend more than you do with us!

If you watch or read contents online, it becomes complicated within a short time. As you may know, there is vast information About how to make money online. But what you want is a person who can take you from A to Z step by step.

Why Us?
Think about this online marketing is what we do. Keeping up with the trends requires continuous experiments on different topics.

All you have to do is reach out to us before you spend your valuable time and money online. You will thank me later!

Do you want to work Alone?

Use our Free online tools

Even thought you want to start your online business you may not be ready for help. Like I said earlier there are people who want to do things them self’s. Although the reason can be different. If it is financial or a passion to learn either way we are here to help you as well. 

Starting from design, development and marketing we provide tailored free resource to support your journey. The self learning phase can be  long, but with our free resource you can short cut your way as well. 

Before you decide what kind of online business you want to do, you need to think about this three things. 

1, What is your reason or motive for this business

2, How you plan to achieve your goals

3, What kind of business will help you to make your dream a reality

What is your reason or motive for this business

Before you get involved you need to answer this question for your self.  Every body has its own reason to do things. It could be financial free dome, to be a social influencer or to help communities. 

Once you identify this it become clear what you want. This will help you to set goals on how to achieve your motive. 

For Example: A person who want to add additional income and a person who want to make lets say 100 to 500K a year online will have different approach to this business. 

How you plan to achieve your goals

Again you have to be clear about how you going to do this business. Do you have the time to achieve this? After all when you decide to do things by your self that means you decided to trade your time.  So before you plan out what kind of business you do make sure your ideal business feats your time. 

For example if you plan to be a social influencer, you will need to work most of your time online. This is due to the amount of work you have to do in order to compete with others online.  On other hand, If you just want to make extra cash to support your existing income, you may only need to work 1 hour a day. 

What kind of business will help you to make your dream a reality

After answering the first two questions it become more clear and direct about what to do, right? Well, this is tricky. You see people some how believed there is a free money online. So a lot of times this kind of people will be taking advantage off. 

The person who providing content saying free money is making addition income by simply using your traffic. You see this smart people can simply put a short content saying you can make money online for free by spending less than 1 hour a day. 

While you visit their website or YouTube video, they benefit an ad revenue from their content. 

What if you want to make good income like 4 to 5 figure a year? Well you can do that as well. But, now you have to step up your online game in order to make this kind of money. 

In order to make this much a year you can use two approach. One sell low ticket item or service for big audience. Second option is high ticket item or service for selected qualified leads. 

The best advantage about making money online is that, you will have the necessary audiences for your goals. But, capturing and retaining potential buyers and clients require expert knowledge from the industry. 

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Based on all the above requirements we can identify a couple of online business that suits your lifestyle. 

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